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There is no give to the differential, it is mounted solid to the body. There will be no slip joint, but found out the CV on the front of the driveshaft will have some give to it according to the driveshaft shop. The shop sent me a diagram of the points they want me to measure from. They made a 1 piece shaft for my ’16 Cat like that and it was fine. I am remembering that now.

Keeping torque-management in place is critical on these transmissions near as I can tell, they are real good units but need some software magic to make them live over time unlike a 400 that could pull a tank. More than a few Hellcat HP90’s eventually burnt up when they first came up with trans tuning and some tuners removed TM so I am wary. The top tuners leave that in place is my understanding.

I am being told that I will still have the torque management capability with the Sound German setup in my ’09 that used TM with the Nag1. I will start with stock settings if possible.

Thanks for the reply.